If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact the Committee Chair and we will gladly add you to the Committee List of your choice and advise you of the upcoming schedule and events. To contact any of the Committee Chairs or to serve on one of the committee’s, please call the union office at (631) 234-1800.


Organizing our industry and protecting our market share to ensure that 1049 Members achieve a higher and higher standard of living is one of the top priorities of our 1049 Organizing Committee. Spearheaded by William O'Leary, the Committee actively works to organize workers and assist workers in other industries in efforts to organize as well.

Our Organizing Committee Members are:

  • Deirdre Benoit
  • Margaret Brady
  • Dawn Butzgy
  • Andrew Cannizzo
  • Edward Conklin
  • Karen Cordella
  • Len Costa
  • Thomas Dowling
  • Robert Feldman
  • Cynthia Ferguson
  • Richard Fridell
  • Connie Fritzlo
  • John Gallagher
  • Michael Gentile
  • Pelton Geter
  • Michal Halupa
  • James Hyland
  • Robert Kanarskee
  • Henry Kornahrens
  • William Kowalczyk
  • Cathy Malinowski
  • Michael McNamee
  • Joseph Morale
  • Scott Nocella
  • Robert O’Connell
  • Colleen O’Keefe-Boyce
  • Wanda Parker
  • Michele Pruis
  • Kathleen Puglise
  • Debbie Ramos
  • Robin Rodriguez
  • Robert Schellhorn
  • William Schmitz
  • William Sinram
  • John Skabry
  • William Smith
  • Jason Stroud
  • Tim Troscher
  • Thomas Wlodarczyk
  • Edward Wolm