Safety & Training Committee

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact the Committee Chair and we will gladly add you to the Committee List of your choice and advise you of the upcoming schedule and events. To contact any of the Committee Chairs or to serve on one of the committee’s, please call the union office at (631) 234-1800.


Comprised of union representatives, our Safety and Training Committee meets when an accident occurs in the field. This committee was developed to assist 1049 Members in understanding why the accident happened and how the accident can be prevented from occurring again. Representing Local 1049 are Business Representative James Bogen, and Full-Time Safety Director Brian Hughes.

Training our outside workforce is a very important component of our Safety and Training Committee. To ensure our workforce is properly trained in their classification, and remain current in their certifications, our training instructors spend many hours with our members who work under the NECA, Gas, Tree, and Flag collective bargaining agreements. Our instructors are: Safety Director Bryan Hughes, Executive Board Member John Gallagher and Steward Bill Kowalczyk. Full-time 1049 trainer Joe Zummo and Dan Rossano is responsible for the numerous hours of training of our Gas members.


Our Members in the Utility have continued to embrace the IBEW’s dedication to safety. Our pride and professionalism in our approach to safety continues to place Local 1049 in the top tier. In 2007 Local 1049 partnered with the utilities to institute the safety advocates program. Since then it has branched out into the gas and generation department as well as the Customer Meter Services. Till this day it continues to be a great success throughout the departments in PSEG and National Grid setting high safety standards for the industry.