IBEW Local 1049: Community strong and Long Island proud!

Our members are unified in seeking:

  • allows members to provide affordable health care for their families;
  • recognizes the financial sacrifices made in previous contracts and respects our 1,100 professional members
  • ensures our members can afford to stay right here on Long Island;
  • respects the professionalism of these frontline essential workers.


Who are our members?

  • We’re your family, friends, neighbors, and the customers who shop in your stores and restaurants.
  • We’re essential frontline workers who are out in the community all year, day and night, making sure gas and electric are delivered safely to your home.
  • We’re hard-working men and women from every background who contribute to the financial strength and tax base of the towns we call home.
  • We’re Long Islanders just like you!

Watch the video to learn about the IBEW and our role in the community.

Want to learn more?

  • IBEW 1049 will continue to advocate -- locally, in Albany and in Washington – to protect the livelihoods and long-term financial security of our members!
  • Watch the above video to learn about the IBEW and our role in the community.
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