Do Not Buy Kellogg's Products

Brothers and sisters, 
Please read this article and support your fellow union brothers and sisters by boycotting Kellogg’s.
Kellogg’s is planning on permanently replacing its striking workers after the company failed to reach an agreement with the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union on Tuesday.
About 1,400 union members at its cereal plants across the country have been on strike since Oct. 5 after their contracts expired the day before.
As the strike enters its eighth week, the company and the workers have been negotiating over benefits and pay, but those negotiations have hit a roadblock, according to Reuters.
Due to the latest setback in negotiations, the company said it had no choice but to replace the workers on strike with permanent employees to cover the staffing shortage.
Union members said Kellogg’s did not offer temporary employees a pathway to become permanent workers with better pay and benefits.
According to Reuters, Kellogg’s has already hired temporary workers to cover for the striking workers at its plants across the country and is importing cereal to keep up with supply demands.
For more information on why Kellogg's workers are on strike, click here to watch an interview conducted by UCOMM Live with Kris LaGrange, with one of their local President's.