Don't Raise My Taxes

As you may be aware, Congress is currently considering and voting on a tax plan that will raise taxes on most middle class families while cutting taxes for the rich. For IBEW 1049 members, we will lose the union dues deduction causing an increase in all of our taxes. The bill also eliminates the SALT deduction which allows you to deduct your state and local taxes from the money that you pay to the federal government, another tax increase for Long Island families. Due to these problems with the bill, Local 1049 will be joining our union brothers and sisters from Long Island and New York City on Saturday for a rally against the bill. We need as many members there as possible since Trump will be hosting a fundraiser in New York City at the same time. There will be a bus that leaves from Local 25 on Saturday at 6:45 AM. Since space will be limited, please click here to RSVP or you can call 631-348-1170 X 307 and ask for Kathy. Below I have included the flyer for the rally. It includes the time and location in New York City, in case you would prefer to go in on your own.