Get Out and Vote

Today is Election Day.
It has been a crazy campaign season, no doubt about that. If you haven't voted yet, please make the time today to vote. Every single vote matters. It's your voice and your chance to select candidates that will make decisions on legislation that affects you.
We all know who we are voting for. Who we have chosen, or will choose today. It's our system of Democracy and it works. Since 1788 this has been the way our freedom has been preserved.
Every single vote matters.
Please don't allow yourself to be fooled into believing there is a nationwide conspiracy to commit election fraud and steal the election for one side or another. That can't happen with the layers of safeguards in place and there are too many local election boards to allow such a widespread criminal action. Please don't be fooled.
Every single vote matters.
There are criminals and anarchists trying to incite more rioting and criminal unrest.
Wacko 24 hour cable news pundits trying to push their psycho agenda and influence your decisions are out of control. I wouldn't allow these people into my own home, and I certainly wouldn't believe what they say.
And while I realize that I am posting this message on social media, I must say that there are many interests out there across the world looking to destabilize our nation and our system of government. Please remember that.
Every single vote matters.
This election will not be decided for days, if not weeks. Many absentee ballots have been cast. Record numbers of citizens voting early, and Covid 19 pandemic safety protocols will slow down the counting. Be patient, this is still the United States and we will get through this craziness.
Brothers and sisters of IBEW Local Union 1049, I respect the choices you make in this election. You have or are about to make your selection. Please respect one another in the coming days or weeks while this election is taking place. Do not fracture or divide our great union over this election. We are a great family and while we don't always agree with each other, we always respect one another.
Protect one another. Respect each other's opinions and most importantly, stand together.
I stand with you.