Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is here once again. While many celebrate the weekend as the end of summer or the beginning of school, the true meaning of the holiday is to celebrate the worker. This is the one day of the year that we celebrate the people who keep the lights on, educate our kids, and build our homes.

As union members, it is also a time that we remember that the rights we often take for granted were not handed to us, but were earned through years of activism and bargaining. Things like the 8-hour workday, weekends, overtime, and a living wage came through the hard work of previous generations. Unions even fought for the celebration of Labor Day for decades before it became an official holiday. Thanks to these people, an IBEW 1049 member can now make a good, middle class living and provide for their families.  
This Labor Day, please take a minute from the beach or the barbecue to remind your friends, family, and especially your kids about this history and the importance of continuing to have a strong union movement. Happy Labor Day to all of our IBEW 1049 members.