Happy Labor Day

Every year, when Labor Day arrives, I have shared my thoughts with my brothers and sisters at Local 1049. Those messages have mostly been about remembering the remarkable improvements we, as the Labor Movement have made through the strength of collective bargaining, and the influence we project to enact legislation that protects our wages, benefits and working conditions. Our Union will fight to level the playing field, in order to tip the scales in favor of our hard working brothers and sisters who build and maintain the electric and gas transmission and distribution system, generate and produce electric and gas which provide comfort and safety for the communities we serve and provide the unparalleled customer service they demand. On Labor Day, we celebrate you, as we look forward to a brighter future.


Let us take a moment to reflect on this past year. 2021 has brought so many challenges for us to face. We stand together, shoulder to shoulder during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has destroyed so many lives and fractured so many families. Together we have weathered the heat and tropical storms which have devastated our communities, and I am proud of you for your service and dedication to our Long Island neighbors. Labor Day has a great meaning to many, but in my mind this year the brothers and sisters of IBEW Local 1049 have added a new chapter in that book.