Homeserve Bargaining Report #4

On August 25, 2021, the IBEW 1049 Main Negotiation Committee met with the HomeServe Main Negotiation Team. The Local 1049 Negotiation Committee is made up of: Pat Guidice, Business Manager; Jim Cooper, President; Al Blum, Chairman of the Executive Board; Tom Dowling, Recording Secretary; John Lupski, Union Steward; John Mahnken, Union Steward; Matthew Gorman, Union Steward; Tom Carey, Union Steward.
This meeting went on until 9:00pm. Additional proposals were exchanged and we are trying to close the gap on various issues. At tomorrow's meeting, we will give you all a detailed account of each meeting and an update where we are at in negotiations. We will also answer any of your questions before we take a vote.
Please make every effort to attend this meeting.