Labor Day forces us to be smarter and stronger

Message from Business Manager Don Daley
Looking forward to a great weekend, on behalf of the Officers and Executive Board, I want to extend to all of our brothers and sisters in the labor movement our vision of prosperity and brotherhood on this upcoming Labor Day. When we look back in our history we see the strength of those union leaders that sacrificed so much so we can enjoy the benefits, standards and wages we receive today.  But never forget, the future is ours to lose.  Our young workers today, and those in the future depend on us. We will be judged on how we progress our Movement, and that sisters and brothers is the responsibility of every union member.
LABOR DAY IS OUR DAY TO CELEBRATE OUR MOVEMENT!  Be proud of wages and benefits we have earned through collective bargaining.  Be forever vigilant against those who seek to crush Labor. Be aware that those who seek "Right to Work" legislation and obstacles to union organizing are simply waging a war on workers and an assault on workplace fairness.   Never forget that the only way to fight income inequality is through collective bargaining.
So please enjoy your Labor Day holiday.  We must continue to challenge ourselves to do better and make our union stronger.  It is time to start changing attitudes and foster solidarity. Let's start this Labor Day. Remember the next important date is Election Day. Please don't forget to vote.