Liuba Labor Walk this Saturday

Across the country, unions are under attack. There is no easy way to say this. Decisions like the Janus Supreme Court case brought Right to Work to the public sector and some elected officials in D.C. would like to bring it to private sector.  We need elected officials both in D.C. and in Albany that work for us, work to help unions, and work to help working people. Here on Long Island we have the chance to elect one of those people. As those who were at the September meeting heard, Liuba Grechen Shirley is fighting for us. She has the courage to run against an elected official who many thought was unbeatable and has turned the race into one of the closest on Long Island. Liuba has told us she will have our back when she gets to D.C. but Local 1049 needs to have her back now. There are only two weekends left until Election Day and this Saturday Local 1049 is joining with teachers, autoworkers, telecom technicians and more to have Liuba's back and get her elected to Congress. I hope you will join us on Saturday.