Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Local 1049

Message from Business Manager Don Daley
As Business Manager of IBEW Local 1049, I am tremendously proud of what our members, officers, executive board and business staff have accomplished over this past year, as we continued to reach so many "firsts" for our union. The holiday season is a time to look back and reflect on these accomplishments, as well as look forward to the journey that lies ahead. It's hard to believe that next year will mark a huge milestone as our union continues to lead the way!
Holding together in solidarity as our utility membership is bifurcated between employers is not a solitary endeavor. It takes a team. I am indebted to our highly professional members who have made our success possible. I thank each and every one of you for your support, dedication, creativity and commitment to continue building our union's strength.
During the holiday season let's also take time to reach out to those who have suffered losses or faced difficult times this past year. None of us have to look far to find those people. They are our co-workers, neighbors and friends. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and take the time to make a phone call or a visit to let them know you have not forgotten them. Giving to charity should also be commonplace. 
The 1049 membership fills me with pride throughout the year as we always find ways to give back and help others; whether it's through your eagerness to help with recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy, or to collect food for the local community. Despite your work loads, our members are always ready to help. Your actions make the future hopeful and remind us all that we are connected by something much more powerful than email and the internet. We are connected by our shared humanity and love for our community.
On behalf of President Ed Conklin, the Officers, Executive Board, Business Staff and office staff, I wish to extend to you and your families a healthy and peaceful holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.