A message to our Long Island friends & neighbors

To our Long Island neighbors,
The 3,500 men and women of IBEW Local 1049 would like to say thank you to the millions of Long Island Residents who have supported our efforts restoring power to those impacted by Hurricane Irene. We also speak on behalf of the additional 1,500 IBEW linemen and 1,000 tree trimmers who have traveled many miles, in some cases well over a thousand miles to come aid in the restoration efforts. Together with State representatives, LIPA, and the National Grid Management Team; we have only one goal in mind; to restore service as quickly and safely as possible. Most of us have been working 16 hour shifts, well before the storm hit. After a commute and a quick shower – there is little time for much needed sleep - and many who traveled here will sleep on cots in shelters. We are not complaining, we are proud and privileged to continue to serve our neighbors. We are aware that frustrations mount for many customers, we empathize, many of those who are restoring the power are going to dark homes with cold showers. Through our training we understand that when power is lost at this magnitude - the only way to restore the power safely is through a detailed and methodical planning process. For your safety, please do not approach down wires or attempt repairs, IBEW linemen have over 7,000 hours of training, safety devices and equipment to effect repair. Our men and women at the call center are working 16 hour shifts around the clock and have answered almost over 1 million calls and we will continue to do so until well after all of our Island is restored. With Labor Day approaching the men and women of the IBEW would like to say thank you to all who have participated in this effort. Firefighters, law enforcement, and municipal workers and many others too numerous to mention. Additionally, the leaders of IBEW Local 1049 would like our members to know how proud and appreciative we are of them and their dedicated service to our Long Island neighbors.
Bob Shand, Business Manager
IBEW Local Union 1049