Payroll Letter: This issue is highest priority

In our continuing effort to provide our membership with the most up to date information on the issue of National Grid’s failure to correct its problem with proper payment of wages to our members, the purpose of this bulletin is to make you aware of the progress to resolve this issue.
Since the pay period for week ending November 3rd, the Local 1049 business staff and myself have pressured National Grid to resolve this issue daily. We have filed a grievance and will meet with National Grid’s Vice President of Human Resources at the third step of the process the weeks of December 10th. As of the time of this writing, Local 1049 is brining changes under Section 191 of the State wage and hour laws with the New York State Department of Labor. If you would like to be included in their claim against National Grid under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) concerning the non-payment of your wages, you will need to complete the form called “Consent to Join.” Additionally, we are not relying on those venues alone; we have been in almost daily contact with the New York State Attorney General’s Office who is also investigating the issue.
The “Consent to Join” legal action will require statements and the signatures from individual members who have been affected by this issue, so please canvass the members you represent to determine the names of members who have either been underpaid base wages, overtime, any other monies, or have incorrect wage statements. It is important that the list differentiate those who have been underpaid base wages, overtime, or any other monies, or have incorrect wage statements. Please contact your Business Representative for the “Consent to Join” letter and more details.
We consider this issue to be of the highest priority. It is the basic tenet of any employer/employee relationship that a worker must be paid correctly and timely. National Grid has not met its obligation to its employees and over the past weeks has created an intolerable condition that must be corrected immediately. I can assure you, the business staff and I will remain diligent to ensure National Grid will resolve this issue and ensure the members and yourselves receive their proper wages.
This matter will be discussed in detail and through explanation of the path forward, a resolution will take place at our union steward meeting scheduled for December 11th at 6 pm. Please make every effort to attend this important meeting.
With warmest regard, I remain
Fraternally yours,
Donald J. Daley
Business Manager