Important Notice from Business Manager Guidice

Important information, YOU MUST READ THIS!
National Grid's "Last, Best and Final Offer" will be presented to you, the members of Local 1049, in the form of a ratification vote. I will get into the details of how the process will work further down in my remarks. There are a few important issues I want to make you aware of.

Normally, a contract ratification would involve a mass indoor meeting or two, with over eleven hundred members, to review the tentative contract with clarity and detail.

Additionally, in accordance with our Local Union's by-laws, we must hold a mail-in secret ballot election. These are the facts; the Covid-19 pandemic continues to complicate our lives. A priority of our Union Leadership is to keep you safe and healthy. At the same time, we must have a swift and efficient process to allow you, the union member working under this agreement, to be able to make an informed decision after closely examining the company's "Last, Best and Final Offer" in detail.
Therefore, I will be scheduling Fourteen (14) informational meetings in the upcoming week to allow members to be scheduled, in alphabetical order, to attend these meetings. We will hold two (2) meetings a day and three (3) meetings on certain days to accommodate shift and special schedule workers.
At these informational meetings, you will be provided with a copy of the summary of matters and an opportunity to ask questions on the Company's "Last, Best and Final offer". As per CDC guidelines, we will maintain social distancing and you will be required to have your temperature checked at the entrance and wear a mask at these meetings.
Please don't listen to rumors. You will be given all the facts at these important informational meetings. As a Union member, it is your duty to yourself and your family, as well as your brothers and sisters you work with, to attend these important sessions. In order to cast your ballot as an informed voter, you will need the information first.
Please continue to perform your work duties as professionals, keeping the best values of IBEW Local Union 1049 in your hearts. Work safe and productive and make every effort to make your scheduled informational meetings which you will be assigned to in mailings to your house this week.

I look forward to seeing every one of you and continuing to work on an agreement that we can all be proud of.