National Grid Negotiations Update

Brothers and Sisters,
Today, Tuesday January 5th, 2021, the Local 1049 Main Negotiation Committee had their first official meeting with the National Grid Main Negotiation Team. The Local 1049 Negotiation Committee is made up of: Pat Guidice, Business Manager; Jim Cooper, Assistant Business Manager; Kasey Scheid, Political and Communications Director; Stefanie Gasparik, Executive Assistant; Billy O'Leary, Business Representative; Jeannine Devlin, Business Representative; Rob Spencer, Business Representative; Tom Dowling, Recording Secretary; Al Blum, Chairman of the Executive Board; Frank Elio, Executive Board Member; Kevin Quinn, Executive Board Member; Bill Wisnewski, Executive Board Member.
The committees exchanged proposals and asked questions to provide clarity. "The proposals are not out of line with what we expected," said Recording Secretary, Thomas Dowling.
Tomorrow the Health and Welfare Committees will meet to begin negotiations.