National Grid Strike Vote Results

Today we held a strike authorization vote. In the event that the company will not extend the current agreement, we needed YOU, the membership, to vote on whether or not we will strike the employer if necessary. 

More than 800 members showed up and every one of you were socially distanced and listening to us. Cars parked 3/4 mile away from the LIE to the Holtsville ecology park were parked in their personal vehicles, staying covid safe, while they heard what was going on.

Members were offered an opportunity to have a secret ballot election by coming to the union parking lot & individually casting a ballot after signing in. You all voted and the results were and overwhelming YES. 
I am grateful to each of you who showed up today. I am honored that you all voted yes and are instilling your trust in us. We remain committed to bringing back a fair agreement that benefits us all.