Anniversary of Super Storm Sandy

Yesterday marked the eight year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.
People's lives have changed forever here on Long Island. It is doubtful that when the next superstorm is forecast that people will take it lightly and not prepare themselves and their families. But there is something that I will never forget and always be proud of. The men and women who I stand together with, who left their battered homes, and their frightened families in the dark, to go out and work 16 hours a day deserve the respect and recognition of the almost 1,000,000 electric customers who lost power in the storm. I am proud to call every one of you my brothers and sisters and I will always have your back.  You all are the finest utility workers in the World, and we will always be. As we prepare today for another storm which we expect to cause outages, Please be safe out there.

And to the Long Island communities we service, please acknowledge any utility worker you see today,  they'll be there when you need them.