Boot Camp #14

Congratulations to the 19 out of 21 that passed your climbing test. A big thank you to all the instructors that worked so hard and the Apprentices that came down on their own time to give back.
Our newest Apprentices:
Anthony Brown
Damon Campanelli
Brian Caufield...
Robert Davies
Jacqueline Ferrufino (our first female Apprentice) awesome!
David Hahn
Jesse Kuhn
Spencer McCarthy
Eric McGuirk
John Milano
David Miller
Fernando Pinilla
Stephen Quinn
John Rezek
Johnathan Rosario
Timothy Taylor
Kyle Wade
Edgar Panagia
Matthew Knudsen
Leonardo Duque (Local 3)
Welcome to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Only good things ahead as long as you put in the effort.- Everett Lewis Jr.