Craft Meeting with Special Guest Speaker - Nov 3rd at 6PM

Local 1049 will be holding a Craft Meeting on Thursday, November 3 at 6:00 PM at the Union Hall.  We will be having a special guest speaker, Brad Livingston.  Brad is a motivational speaker who was involved in a potentially life-threatening accident that was 100% preventable.  This meeting is mandatory for all Apprentice Lineman Periods 1 through 7.  Brad's story does not discriminate against any industry or occupation.  whether you are currently in our electric, gas, line clearance, flag or waste remediation division, Brad's message is loud and clear about safety and the "Just a second ago" theme of his speeches.  I strongly encourage ALL members of our outside division can attend this meeting.  We must continue to stress the importance of safety on and off the job for ourselves, our family and our fellow brothers and sisters.