Five Hottest Days of the 2015 Summer Strain State Energy Grid

Overall energy demand is the highest it has been in two years, and the strains on the state'spower grid are causing serious problems for New Yorkers. According to the New York Independent System Operator, energy demand in New York State peaked on July 29th, at 31,138 megawatts, the highest it has been in two years. By contrast, the average daily demand in 2014 was only 18,268 megawatts.

Usage exceeded 30,000 megawatts for each of the highest five days during the summer of 2015, including:

  1. July 29: 31,138 MWs
  2. September 8: 31,058 MWs
  3. July 20: 30,575 MWs
  4. August 17: 30,543 MWs
  5. July 28: 30,434 MWs

Renewable wind facilities generate up to 1745.9 megawatts of power, while another 2,448.7 megawatts of potential wind power exist at sites that would be built if the grid could handle them. In 2009, the NYISO stated that were "approximately 8,000 [megawatts] planned for grid connection, assuming adequate transmission is available."

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