Gas Craft Approves New Contract

On June 2, 2021 the Gas Craft group, which is made up of Gas Foreman, Mechanics, and Laborers, working for various signatory contractors voted in their new 4-year collective bargaining agreement. 133 members showed up to vote.

Some of the highlights include an overall wage increase of 14.25 %, with Foremen getting an additional 2% wage increase. All members will receive paid training for classes attended after work, as well as medical and pension improvements. Every member who attends all of their training classes will receive double their usual bonus. Also, Foreman will receive paid holidays, along with an extra advancement for laborers.

Business Manager Pat Guidice negotiated a tremendous contract with no give backs. The Negotiating Team included myself, as well as President James Cooper, Recording Secretary Tom Dowling, Business Representative Jeannine Devlin, Training Coordinator Doris Koenig, and Chief Stewards Steve Davis and Jon Alvarez. Good Job by all!