Give Labor a Voice, Bring Back UCOMM Radio

A message from Assistant Business Manager Patrick Guidice: 
As an Assistant Business Manager for IBEW 1049, UCOMM Radio was a valuable tool that has been sorely missed since it went off the air. As a co-host, I got to go onto the show and discuss and explain in detail many of the important topics that the mainstream media was simply not talking about. Many times after shows, the members would come up to me and let me know that they learned valuable information from the show. UCOMM Radio was not just a radio show but was a tool for our union. When Local 1049 was fighting for a new contract, UCOMM Radio was the place that we could go to get our message out. When we needed to get the important votes in Albany to pass a pro-worker bill, UCOMM Radio was the place to go. 
We need to bring UCOMM Radio back to once again give these stories a voice, but we can't do it without you. Support UCOMM Radio Today.