Help make Care Packages for the troops

Care packages for the troops
For the family members of 1049 members in our Armed Forces. In honor of Veteran's Day and in the spirit of the upcoming holiday   season.  Local 1049 is preparing a Care Package to send to our troops   deployed overseas, in particular the family members of Local 1049   employees.  It is because of the sacrifices made by the brave men and   women of our armed forces stationed around the globe that we are able to   enjoy our lives here at home.  Please help us show them that there   efforts don't go unnoticed.  Anyone interested in contributing to the Care Package please bring your donation items to the union hall no later than December 14th.  If you are unable to come to the hall but would like to donate   something, please contact business representative Pat Guidice to make arrangements for someone to pick up your contribution.  The following list of suggestion items can be used as a guide.  
Commonly Requested Items:
AA Batteries
Baby Wipes ( preferably packages )
Chewing Gum 
Energy Bars
Granola Bars
Hard Candy ( Lifesavers )
Magazines ( nothing R-rated )
Newspapers (save and donate yours) 
Phone Cards
Playing Cards
Powder Gatorade
Puzzle Books
Sunflower Seeds
Trail Mix
Ziploc Bags ( gallon size )
Any other questions please contact Jason Stroud (516) 805-1656 or Kevin O'connell (631) 234-1800.