Resolutions at the IBEW Convention

One of the roles of IBEW Convention delegate is to look at and vote on the resolutions that will help govern the IBEW over the next five years.  Below are the resolutions that were voted on. 

Passed Resolutions:

  • Resolution No. 1: Renewed a commitment to the 10-year-old Code of Excellence and states it is necessary to continue the IBEW's growth into the future.
  • Resolution No. 2: Reaffirms the IBEW's dedication to organizing, calling it especially important in the light of the continued decline in the percentage of unionized workers and the rise in the number of right-to-work states.
  • Resolution No. 5: Encourages local unions to support business development programs and to work in close cooperation with signatory contractors to exceed customers' expectations.
  • Resolution No. 6: Reaffirms the IBEW's long-standing relationship with Helmets to Hardhats, a nonprofit organization that aids military members transitioning from active duty into a job in the construction industry.
  • Resolution No. 7: Reaffirms the commitment to VEEP - the Veterans Electrical Entry Program, which helps veterans who have left the military gain entrance into an apprenticeship program. The resolution also calls on the IBEW to work with the National Electrical Contractors Association and the Electrical Training Alliance, the IBEW's training partner for more than 70 years, to assist locals in providing training programs for veterans.
  • Resolution No. 8: The IBEW renewed its commitment to Electrical Workers Without Borders, a nonprofit organization that works to develop an electrical infrastructure in developing nations and regions struck by a natural disaster.
  • Resolution No. 9: Encourages members who enjoying hunting, fishing and spending time in the outdoors to participate in the Union Sportsmen's Alliance, the nonprofit, union-dedicated conservation organization for outdoor enthusiasts. The resolution said the group helps unite the labor movement and the committee noted that one local has secured work on a large retail development due to its involvement in the alliance.
  • Resolution No. 10: Encourages locals to make full use of all political tools made available by the International Office and AFL-CIO, especially during an election year. The resolution lists several tools locals can use to help elect labor-friendly candidates.
  • Resolution No. 11: Urges each local union to educate members on skin cancer awareness and the dangers of sun exposure. 
  • Resolution No. 12: Encourages local unions with manufacturing membership to contact the Membership Department to have its products listed at 
  • Resolution No. 13: Resolves that local unions showcase their training programs more in their respective communities, especially to educators, elected leaders and potential customers. It says IBEW training is the best in the electrical industry and it should be used a marketing tool.
  • Resolution No. 16: Encourages local unions and districts to utilize established affinity groups to mobilize members on important issues. It was passed after an amendment was added to include women's groups in the list of affinity groups and clubs.
Combined Resolution:  
  • Resolution No. 3: Calls on the IBEW to develop a public education program focused on the value of public sector workers in the United States and Canada and encourages local to organize and support those workers. The resolution was combined with Resolution No. 4, which noted the increased attacks on public sector workers in both the United States and Canada at all levels of government. The committee noted that it was part of a coordinated attack going back to the Reagan administration's firing of the striking air traffic controllers in 1981. The resolution states the IBEW will do everything in its power to defend public sector workers and their right to organize. The amended resolution was passed by the delegates.

Resolutions Pending:

  • Resolution No. 14: Encourages local unions to support the IBEW Political Action Committee at an average of $12 per member. It states the IBEW's political actions are more effective when there is a strong national PAC. A motion was passed to send it back to the Resolutions Committee so language could be added to clarify the difference between a state and federal PAC.
  • Resolution No. 15: Encourages locals in Canada to continue to support and also encourage members to support the National Political Action Committee, especially after its success during last year's federal elections, at an average of CA$10 per member. After debate, a motion to send it back to the committee was later passed in order to make the language more acceptable to Canadian members. 

Additionally, we voted on leadership positions for the union.  The results of that vote can be found here.