Show the Power of Labor by Voting

Election Day is less than a week away.  While there has been a lot of attention focused on the top of the ticket, we also have very important elections on Long Island.  These elections decide many bread and butter issues for our union.  With our allies in the state legislature, we were finally able to pass the Utility Worker Assault bill this year. By the same token, if we elect people who are enemies of organized labor we could face unprecedented attacks on our union. We only have this power because you, the members, go out and vote.  The Long Island Federation of Labor and the New York State AFL-CIO, of which Local 1049 is a part of, met with nearly every candidate running for office this year and asked them the tough questions about where they stand on labor issues and issues that are important to Local 1049. The list of local endorsements was mailed out to everyone in the Union Advocate.  Please look this over and bring it to the polls with you to ensure that you vote for the candidates that have IBEW 1049's back. The IBEW has also made an endorsement for President, endorsing Hillary Clinton.  This election, the two candidates represent a stark contrast.  As you will see below, one has stood up for workers when they needed it, while the other has consistently ripped off workers and supports a national Right to Work (for Less) law. Please make sure that you go out and show IBEW 1049's power by voting on November 3.  The polls are open from 6 AM until 9 PM so make a plan to vote before or after work.