Support the Candidates who support Labor

Message from Business Manager Don Daley
Don DaleyAfter a long and contentious election, we are less than a week away from voting.  Voters across the country will be going to the polls on November 8th to decide the future of our country. This democratic process is our biggest duty as American Citizens.  It is a right the many have fought for and some have died to get.  The fact that every four years hundred's of millions of Americans go out and vote for their leader is what makes America great. 
Through our votes, we will decide important issues like whether or not workers have the right to bargain collectively, whether their should be an increase in wages, as well as many other issues that are important to organized labor.  During this campaign, corporations have spent millions on candidates that want to destroy unions.  Some of that money is even being spent in New York. 
I believe that my job isn't to tell you how to vote, but to inform you which candidates stand with Labor and then you can decide which way to cast your ballot. Unless the person that looks back at you every morning in the mirror is running for an elected office, you are not going to find a candidate that has all of your same exact beliefs, so you must decide which issues are most important to you and vote on them. For me, the most important thing in my life is my family and if I want to support my family I need a job, period. So that's how I vote! Am I going to vote against a candidate who wants to pass legislation to help us, the working class and Unions, of this already great country, because they may have a different opinion then my own on abortion, background checks for gun owners, or LGBTQ rights? This year, I believe that we have a clear choice in the candidates who support labor.  For President, the IBEW, AFL-CIO and nearly every other union has decided to support our former Senator, Hillary Clinton.  One story that stuck with me about why we endorsed Clinton came from a video that the IBEW put out and I have included below.  When our brothers and sisters at IBEW Local 97 needed help to prevent a lockout that could have broken their union, Clinton was there making the needed calls to prevent the lockout and bring the two sides back to the bargaining table. She stood with labor when the CWA went on strike at Verizon and when casino workers struck in Atlantic City.  She may not be flashy and you may not agree with everything she stands for, but one thing is certain, she has always had Unions backs.  
I urge every member to check out our endorsements and vote for the candidates up and down the ballot who support labor on Tuesday, November 8th.