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    Our Work Can Be Dangerous, but Does Albany Care?

    The legislative session for the New York State Assembly and Senate have ended for the summer.  While there had been much attention paid to rent control bills and tax cap legislation and escaped convicts running around in the woods, a bill that would affect utility workers in New York was not...

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    Trans Pacific Trade Deal stalled

    With the labor movement coming out strong against the job killing TPP and Fast Track, hundreds mobilized with a few days notice outside the office of rookie Congresswoman Kathleen Rice (D-Garden City) last Monday.  Rice, who ran with massive union support this past NOVEMBER, made a bold move in...

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    Support those who won't abandon us when we need them

    An important election message from Business Manager Don Daley    As a Union, we fight every day for the welfare of our members. From grievance meetings to contract negotiations, we fight to improve what we can and protect what we have.  We also take to the halls of government -  stakes are high...

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    1049 members volunteer at the Jacob's Light Foundation for the troops serving overseas

    Nelson Sierra (pictured) along with other members of Local 1049, volunteered to help with the Jacob's Light Foundation - a foundation that helps deployed troops overseas by sending them necessities and comforts from home. On the last Tuesday of every month, members of the local help packing boxes...

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    1049: Call Congress on Valentines Day

    Congressional Republicans are taking the economy hostage again—threatening to blow it up unless vital services for working families are cut. Call your members of Congress Feb. 14 and tell them to stand up to these bullies, reject benefit cuts for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and cancel...

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    Fix The Senate Now!

    Call your Senators today and urge them to support Senate rules reform. The current rules that govern the Senate are hurting democracy. In the past, our nation was able to move forward on landmark legislation that put in place workers' rights, civil rights, retirement security for seniors and much...